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  • Ethiopia planning to launch cross-boarder public transportation with three countries-Kenya, Djibouti & the Sudan...

  • Customs to cut capital cost for tracking technology


  1. Ministry of Transportation & Communications Documents:
    April – 2010 ITS Symposium – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    March-2011 ITS Symposium – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia    
  2. ITS Technology & Knowledge Resources

Consortium for ITS Training and Education (CITE): CITE offers very good on-line ITS courses, both graduate & undergraduate levels. Tuition prices are also reasonable. The courses are offered by experienced and well-known ITS experts in the industry

RITA-Research & Innovative Technology Administration:   

This is a great site, and an excellent ITS resource center. Among many other resources and information, it includes a Technology Transfer center, with very valuable materials on capacity building & training; the latest researches, developments and best practices in ITS as well as lessons learned on various ITS applications, including on Traffic & Transit Management Centers (TMCs), crash prevention and safety as well as Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVOs).

The System Engineering Guide Book for ITS Projects: 

System Engineering is a good method for planning and managing ITS projects effectively, in order to avoid or mitigate potential risks, such as on budget, scope and schedule. The site is an excellent source for a step by step guide on how to initiate, plan and implement ITS projects; including effective coordination and communication with stakeholders, which is detrimental for a successful completion of ITS projects.


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