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ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) is a multidisciplinary field that brings together several transportation stakeholders including planners, policy makers, traffic engineers, facility operators, managers and transportation service providers, from the public and private sectors.


The technologies and services that ITS enables are valuable to move people and goods efficiently; monitor and manage transportation systems effectively; as well as detect, respond to and clear incidents and emergency situations on the transportation network much more quickly. ITS technologies help improve the security and safety of passengers, drivers and physical assets in the transportation infrastructure. Overall, ITS technologies enable to modernize the transportation system to make it reliable, efficient, affordable and environmentally sustainable; which is critical to accelerateto accelerate economic growth and raise the standard of living of citizens.
ITS systems involve the application of a variety of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for gathering, processing and disseminating traffic information to transportation stakeholders and the public. This information is used to facilitate several transportation related services such as to detect, manage and clear incidents; control and manage traffic flow; coordinate emergency situations (e.g. disaster recovery) and special events (e.g. marathons); improve the mobility of traffic and pedestrians; as well as ensure the safety and security of travelers. ITS technologies provide useful services to develop an integrated multi-modal transportation system, which includes traffic, transit and rail. They are vital for improving public transportation systems, by modernizing such services as fleet management, scheduling, fare collection and delivery of traveler information services. ITS systems also play a key role in commercial vehicle operations by improving delivery of goods and services and enhancing the safety and security of the drivers, trucks and goods, thus accelerating business and economic growth. ITS technologies are also used in many parts of the world for collecting toll revenues, with the application of ETC - Electronic Toll Collection systems.
ITS is a well known and an established field throughout the developed and developing world, including in the USA, Canada, Europe, China, South Africa, as well as in Latin American and Asian countries. For instance in Africa, South Africa has made significant progress in recent years, in deploying ITS technologies for managing the country’s intricate transportation networks and providing quality and efficient services, by improving the mobility, safety and security of travelers.
For further information about ITS, and the programs in the various countries around the world, please check in the ITS Resources and Link sections of our website.

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