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The ITS Ethiopia Vision stems from a dream to see our country, Ethiopia grow, develop, prosper and be stable. This vision includes seeing our country with a modern transportation system, which is safe, reliable, efficient, affordable and environmentally sustainable.

This will ensure the country’s progress on its growth track and be able to reach its development goals.

To modernize the transportation system, we believe the country needs implementation of cost effective and applicable ICT (Information & Communication Technologies), better known as ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), which have proven to be vital tools to save lives, time and money as well as raise the efficiency, reliability, affordability and sustainability of transportation systems in many advanced countries worldwide.

The aim of ITS Ethiopia is essentially to promote and advance the implementation of applicable ITS technologies through research and development as well as project planning and implementation. The Society will serve as a forum to bring together transportation stakeholders from all sectors of the society, including public, private, academic and international institutions, and encourage them to build partnership and team work for promoting ITS programs and projects in the country. These will be valuable to modernize and sustain the transportation system of Ethiopia, across the country, both in urban and rural areas.

ITS Ethiopia will serve as an advisory body to local, regional and national government agencies to provide advice and rally expertise for developing effective policies and programs and advance the implementation of ITS technologies in the country, to ultimately save life, time and money as well as advance the economic growth and standard of living of our people.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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